So, who are we?
We are the result of an international conservation and research project called the Carpathian Large Carnivore Project (CLCP).

While many inhabitants of Zarnesti were, and still are, unemployed, the CLCP helped us understand that the threat to flora and fauna came from privatization and unregulated logging and hunting, and highlighted the importance of conservation and its impact on the area’s economic future – in other words, eco-tourism.

Our company was formed with the intention of promoting Zarnesti and Piatra Craiului National Park as the perfect eco-tourist destination both for people interested in nature and for those with a more academic approach to the local plants, animals and habitats.

Share this rare and exceptional experience with the best, discover nature and culture with one of our local guides (English,German, French,Spanish -speaking ). They will help you discover the hidden secrets of our deep forests, the local culture or the history of the region.

Beatrice Benedek
Bea studied tourism in high school and after finishing, she decided to dedicate her time to protecting nature and wildlife while working with others from the area to develop eco-tourism in the Zarnesti area.