Strenuous Hiking Tour
Day 1-Arrival
After a 2 and 1/2hrs journey from Bucharest, you arrive at Zarnesti and the guesthouse where you will be staying. After a warm welcome (a Romanian welcome always comes with a glass of plum brandy!), it’s dinner followed by a short walk around Zarnesti to get a feel of the town.

Day 2-Zarnesti-Valea Brebina-Roma village-Zarnesti(Duration:3-4hrs)
We cross part of the town and head uphill towards the Pleasa ridge.The fost here is extremely impressive and we may even glimpse a deer or see a wild boar running past. A short climb and we’re at a viewpoint covering all the area known as Barsa Land. The mountains around us were the core area for an international project on wolves, bears and lynx. On the way back, we pass very close to a Roma village and we will learn a little about their current status here in Romania In the afternoon we visit one the oldest fortifications in Transylvania, Rasnov Castle, about 5 miles from Zarnesti. Built on the ruins of a Roman fortification during the 13th century, the castle was an important strategic point on the road between Transylvania and Wallachia. Take a look at the unique deep well carved out by two prisoners directly into the rock.

Day 3-Zarnesti-Magura-Prapastii-Zarnesti(Duration:4-5hrs)
Today we are going to visit some traditional Romanian villages on the other side of the hills, south of Zarnesti. Following a forest road we soon come to the village of Magura.The houses here are made of beautifully worked pieces of wood, and the villagers have preserved their traditional way of life, far away from the stresses of the modern day. The meadows here are full of flowers growing wild, including various species of orchids. We then take one of the shortcuts through the forest and arrive in a completely different area:Zarnesti Gorge. We're now on a narrow forest road, with sheer, massive rock walls on both sides, where you might be lucky enough to spot the enchanting wallcreeper bird. The limestone here has created a number of caves, many with fascinating tales to tell.
We spend the second part of the day with a visit to one of the traditional shepherd camps around Zarnesti. This experience is like stepping back in time, since all the work (cheese-making, guarding the flocks of sheep etc.) is still done as centuries ago.

Day 4-Zarnesti-Prejmer-Brasov-Zarnesti
The places visited today will help us understand Transylvania's complex history, beginning with a visit to the fortified church in Prejmer, an impressive construction with two rows of massive walls surrounding the church. Each of these walls contains a number of small rooms that could offer safety to the Sachsen (German) people living in the village during the Turks' raids. Next stop from here is the town of Brasov (300,000 inhabitants), where Romanians, Hungarians and Germans, the main nationalities in Transylvania, have been living together for almost 1,000 years. The sightseeing tour here includes the Revolution Memorial, the Black Church, and the first Romanian school.

Day 5-Zarnesti-Pleasa-Barsa Fierului-Zarnesti(Duration:6-7hrs)
The day starts with a horse and cart trip to the Barsa Valley outside Zarnesti. About 7 kms out of Zarnesti we leave the horse and cart behind and follow a forest road for about one hour. We cross the creek by a footbridge before going uphill for about one hour until reaching the ridge.The view from here is stunning - to the left, the Piatra Craiului Mountains, right in front of us endless rows of hills, then there is the largest village in Romania. Behind us lies a huge, very densely forested area,home to a large population of wolves bears, lynx, wild boar and many other species. The footpath continues along the ridge towards Zarnesti, with the view constantly changing.
In the evening, there’s a special Romanian treat waiting for you – a barbecue at a small cabin outside the town, with cold beer, traditional mountain songs, and fun.

Day 6-Zarnesti-Bran Castle-Poarta-Zarnesti
After so much effort during the past days we need something easier,but still exciting. So,what about about the Dracula stuff? The famous castle is only about 5 miles from Zarnesti, and everything there is an amazing experience. First we take a tour inside the castle, then we can wander for a while around Dracula's bazaar, the market in the town where you can find some real bargains and great presents. To get rid of the evil spirits from the castle, we take a short walk( 2-3 hours) towards the Bucegi mountains, with spectacular views. We cross some beautiful meadows where we can stop, overwhelmed by the unspoiled beauty of the place.

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